Basic DJ "Spinning Tunes With Style"

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Main Windows

Main Windows

This Main Window holds all the Basic DJ function windows. This window can be minimized to hide the entire program. Pictured here are the primary function windows.




1 . Player WindowPlayer Window

Player Window

The Player window is the main control center for song playback. It contains the Player's interface and the Cues. Player #1 is on the left and Player #2 is on the right.


2 . Song SelectorSong Selector

Song Selector

The Song Selector allows you to look up songs by Album, Artists and Song Title.


3 . Play List EditorPlay List Editor

Play List Editor

The Play List Editor allows you to create and manage play lists. Play lists are broken down and stored by groups.


4 . Information DisplayInformation Display

Information Display

The Information Display window enables the user to quickly look up important song information. It is accessed by clicking the right mouse button over a song entry in the Song Selector, Play List Editor and the Cue Lists.


5 . Previewer PlayerPreviewer Player

Previewer Player

The Previewer window allows the user to listen to perspective songs prior to loading them to the cue or play list. The Previwer can be accessed by double clicking the right mouse button over a song in the Song Selector, Play List Editor, and the Song Cues.