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Song Importer

Song Importer

The Song Importer allows you to import music into your current active library.


1 . Active LibraryActive Library

Active Library

The Active Library label shows the name of the current library.


2 . Music FoldersMusic Folders

Music Folders

The Music Folders list shows all of the folders that are currently available in the Active Library.


You must select the target folder before clicking the Load Files.


3 . Source FoldersSource Folders

Source Folders

The Source Folders field allows you to enter the import source folder.


4 . Delete OptionDelete Option

Delete Option

This option allows deletion of the source music files once they have been imported.  


Please Note: You must have read, write and delete permissions on the source folders and files for this option to be effective.   If you do not then the files will still be imported but not deleted.   Windows Vista does not always give you delete permissions when you move external drives from machine to machine.


5 . Load Files buttonLoad Files button

Load Files button

This button starts importing the files from the selected source folder to the selected folder in the Folders list.


6 . Progress barProgress bar

Progress bar

The Progress bar shows file import activity. It will cycle many times during the import process. This is normal behavior.


7 . *** Button*** Button

*** Button

This button displays the folder lookup window. This allows you to select the appropriate source location.