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Library Details

Library Details

The Library Details Editor has three modes (New, Edit, Import).


New Mode:

This mode allows you to create new Music Libraries.


Edit Mode:

This mode allows you to edit the Name or the Library location.


Import Mode:

This mode allows you to select an existing Library file. It then loads the ID and Name and adds the Library to your Library list.


1 . Library IDLibrary ID

Library ID

The Library ID is the unique identifier for a given library.


When the dialog is open in the New mode a random ID is generated for your convenience. You may if you like customize it. It must be a minimum of 5 characters and a maximum of 10 characters.


When the dialog is opened in Edit or Import modes the ID is locked and the ID from the selected Library will be used.


2 . Library NameLibrary Name

Library Name

The Library Name is the user friendly name that will be used to reference the Library from the user interface.


When the dialog is opened in New mode you must enter a Name for the Library. It is not required to be unique, but it is highly recommended that it is to reduce confusion.


When the dialog is opened in Edit mode you are able to modify the Name before saving.


When the dialog is opened in Import mode the Name stored in the Library file will be used. If you wish to change it you must edit the Library entry after import.


3 . Library LocationLibrary Location

Library Location

The Library field behaves differently based on the dialog mode.


In the New mode the user will enter or select the folder location for the library to be placed.


In the Edit mode the Library field will contain the full path and library file listed. It can be updated to reflect the correct location if it has been moved or updated. This is helpful when relocating a library from an external drive to a local drive to increase lookup performance.


In the Import mode you are asked to enter or select the full path and library file from the drives. The Name and ID are then imported when you click Save.


4 . Save ButtonSave Button

Save Button

The Save Button stores the current changes and updates the Library Manager.


5 . Cancel ButtonCancel Button

Cancel Button

The Cancel Button exits the Details Dialog box without saving any changes.


6 . *** Button*** Button

*** Button

This button displays the file/folder lookup window. This allows you to select the appropriate location or location and file base on the dialogs mode.