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Creating Libraries

You must create a Library to house music indexes and play lists. Once a library is created, a minimum of one music folder must be created as well.



A Library is the basic storage container for your music indexes and play lists. It is made up of several folders and data files. The user selects the library name and target folder for the library during library creation. The additional required files and folders are then created under the library target folder.


The average storage requirement for a Library containing a 50,000 song index is 200 MB. This does not include space requirements for the music folders. Libraries can be placed on any storage location; however the best performance is achieved if they are located on a hard drive installed in the computer system. External drives can slow down performance of song look up.


See also Creating Music Folders.


Multiple Library Support

Basic DJ allows you to create multiple libraries. This is helpful when you are maintaining different music collections. Only one library can be set active at any given time, and all playback is stopped when changing between libraries.


See Music Libraries under User Interface for more information.