Basic DJ "Spinning Tunes With Style"

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Installation and Launch

Installation of Basic DJ is handled using a standard windows installation file.


Locate the Setup.exe file or the Basic DJ Setup v1.5.msi file. Double click the file to start the installation.

Follow the instructions on the installation screens to complete the installation.


To launch Basic DJ after installation you can find launch icons under Start/All Programs/Basic DJ v1.5 or if you chose to place an icon on the desktop during the installation process you can click on it.


First time installations will prompt for user registration, and you must complete Library Creation. If you choose not to register you may opt to run the product in Evaluation mode.


If you are re-installing or upgrading. You must first un-install the current version. You will be prompted for registration only if the current registration cannot be located or your registration key is not eligible to run the installed release. If existing Library Configurations are valid for the installed version they will be loaded upon startup. Otherwise, users my need to import the existing libraries.


If a newer version of Basic DJ must upgrade an existing library, it will prompt you for permission before doing so. It is not recommended to upgrade your libraries unless you are using a fully licensed version of the product.   Doing so may restrict you from opening your libraries in a previous version.