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Creating Music Folders

Once a Library is created it must contain one or more Music Folders.


Music Folders

Music folders are the actual music storage locations for a library. A music folder is directly associated with only one Library. Music is copied by Basic DJ to the selected music folder during the import process. When creating a music folder you must select a user friendly name and target folder. It is recommended that you create a folder to dedicate to your music folders.


Music folders can be placed on removable drives to accommodate your music storage needs. Music folders can be re-linked using the folder edit function on the Library Manager. This allows you to move music folders as storage requirements change or drive letters get swapped on your removable drives.


See also Creating Libraries.



Multiple Music Folder Support

Basic DJ allows you to create multiple music folders. This is helpful when you are maintaining different sets of music that need to be accessible from a single library. You may need to use this feature to break up a larger collection into smaller storage locations. It is ideal to separate your music into groups such as Oldies, Country, Joe's Music, Jane's Music... Just select a method that makes sense for your particular needs.


See Music Libraries under User Interface for more information.